Free Lecture: April 20, 2019


Free Christian Science Lecture in Mobile, AL, April 20, 2019
3:00 p.m. Toulminville Branch of the Mobile Public Library,
601 Stanton Rd., Mobile, AL 36617

Have you found yourself trying to get the most out of a 24-hour day, but usually end up with more to be done – and more stress?

A free talk entitled “Time is Not a Factor in Your Life” describes how to gain dominion over time by understanding better how you can live in the timeless, constant present of the spiritual now.

“Understanding more of the spiritual nature of life helps to distinguish between time and timelessness, age and agelessness,” says speaker Dave Hohle, spiritual healer and teacher of Christian Science. “This metaphysical insight has a practical effect: it allows you to tangibly experience freedom from limits of time, which supports more productivity and harmony.”

A career in marketing and production management gave Hohle many challenging opportunities to confront the limits of time: “You’ve heard that work expands to fill the time available? Well I’ve noticed the reverse is also true: time expands to enable what is actually required of that moment.”

In the talk, Hohle shares some of the spiritual ideas he has employed in his healing work for others – and his own cross-country motorcycle trips – to break stressful limitations imposed by time. The ideas are based on the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.